About Us

Our Mission

Guiding organizations to business agility through open solutions.

Who we Are

The Itaas Group is a system integrator with a rich open source technology experience. We help organization navigate their technology journey with confidence. Customer rely on the ItaaS Group to solve business problem with solution that span culture, process and technology.

Founded in the middle of the COVID crisis 2020, The ItaaS Group has office location in Jaipur India.

What makes us Different?

Enterprise Open Source and Integration Experience

ItaaS Group was born out of the IT as s Service need by the organizations around world. Our history and proven track record puts us in a great position to help organizations solve complex technology projects with confidence.

Result based methodology

Customer see us a trusted advisor that provides ongoing, proactive guidance around competitive trends and industry best practices. Our team is continuously researching, evaluating and presenting new ideas to customer that shakes up the status quo.

Benefit of ItaaS

IT departments in large enterprises typically operates as a single point of contact and service provider to a large internal user base. With ItaaS Group, organizations can employ the same services without operating an IT Department in-house. Our model particularly suitable for SMB firms operating on a limited budget and resources. For large enterprises, internal IT Department can take the role of an ItaaS Group to internal user and lines of business (LOBs). 

The ItaaS Group offer a simple concept : IT Services are consumed effectively when end-users are given sufficient choices between services and charged on the consumption basis. In this context, ItaaS Group maintains a key skill library of IT as a Service required by end-users. ItaaS Group takes the role of managed service providers and brokers. With the Service Oriented Model, we manage and orchestrate the IT Service lifecyle: From identifying a user requirement to supporting the final result of an effectively delivered services. It includes tasks such as finding available solutions, negotiating SLAs and helping users make well-informed decisions when selecting  a service.